Unpacking coffee with kandace and ray: the barn

I was looking for a coffee machine that is not too pricy for my limited budget, but at the same time not too cheap. Because everyone knows, that no good quality…Mary Willis


A glorious visual exploration of coffee culture, The Coffeetographer is set up more like a magazine, with a variety of features all about the world of independent coffee. You should also consider following The Coffeetographer on Instagram. As you may have guessed, this site is all about informing people about coffee.

Maintained since 1997, there is a wealth of information here, from consumer reviews to guides to forums. If you ever have a question about coffee, this is the place to ask it.

Learning the language of coffee tasting is a great way to delve deeper into the world of premium gourmet coffees! Though detailed descriptions of gourmet coffee taste characteristics may sound to some people like just so much highbrow jargon,  the coffee flavor terminology is actually an attempt to solve a very difficult problem—putting into  words what the human senses perceive as we  savor these premium coffees from around the globe.

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