The Great Fashion Mash-Ups of 2016

The Great Fashion Mash-Ups of 2016

We’re living in a post-normcore world. Here’s what it looks like.

Normcore has come and pretty much gone, a memory etched into fashion history. What’s replacing it is, among other things, a mash-up of oversize sweatshirts heavy on the graphics, strappy military pants and punkish boots. (Let’s call it post-normcore.) It’s an approach that’s more inventive than basic. The rule here is to break the rules. Mix Vetement-style streetwear and high fashion. Make a splash.

A Graphic Top: The New Basic for Fall

The most exciting part of the new fall look is an embrace of graphics, electric colors and varsity styles that


can be styled up in inspired ways. Layer one over a slip dress over a long-sleeve moto-print tee; or wear a standout hoodie with a lace skirt and oversize blazer.

The Military Mood Marches On

This season, trousers come with military touches and unexpected twists. All-over buckles, oversize cargo pockets and dangling straps give this basic a fresh new spirit.

” The rule here is to break the rules. Mix Vetement-style streetwear and high fashion. Make a splash. “

Boots for Fall: Polished Punk

It doesn’t get much more street than a pair lace-front combat boots. But if you recall, lace-up moto boots were the footwear of choice at the Met Gala, with a strong crew wearing Louis Vuitton (Selena Gomez, Alicia Vikander, Michelle Williams and Grimes). These will do the trick for fall. Wear them sporty, grungy or dressy — the choice is yours.

Fashion portrait of a sensual girl in sexual lingerie

They Can Carry a Look

If the look this fall is all about a clash of colors, you’ll want to set aside that safe and solid tote for one that can be spotted a mile away.

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  1. As the founder and CEO of the Gaze store, I feel responsible for keeping up with all the latest trends in urban streetwear and shoes…
    Here on this blog, I’ll be posting about the most recent developments in what is hip and what has become dated.

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