Our Team

Experienced and skilled repairmen will free you from many problems! You’ll definitely will be pleased with the result as we guarantee the best service!

Michael Clark

Michael Clark

Michael is a our Billing  expert. He can answer your questions about your account, payment or refund status.
Nina Gomez

Nina Gomez

Nina will gladly help you to resolve all the issues with your order status, shipping, returns, etc. She
Jane Green

Jane Green

Jane joined our team in 2013 and has recommended herself as one of the best employees always ready

Our Skills

During the last 5 years, our liquor store has grown to Elitario - a company with a lifetime of experience in the elite alcoholic beverage distribution industry. We consider it an honor to represent the finest producers of wine, beer, and spirits to the people all over the world.

Our highly-educated and driven sales staff know all the assortment of our store and can advise the best choice for you. We pride ourselves in carefully evaluating every potential brand and beverage for quality, sales and mutual growth potential before they're selected for a place in our portfolio.  With the goal of providing accurate and efficient deliveries to our customers, Elitario canvasses the state daily in reliable box and refrigerated trucks - from the downtown bars and restaurants to retail stores, and just about everywhere in between.

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