Chocolate-Chipped Homemade Brownies

Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees. Thenwards grease and floor your pan. Mix all the ingredients in a big bowl and mix it with a table spoon. After baking for 65 minutes, wait till top is set and cool it down before eating. As a tip for cooking this dessert, we can recommend you using a rectangular fry pan instead of an oval one.


Slow-Cooker Alabamian Pulled Pork Roastbeef

To cook the sauce: mash onions in a blender after adding a quarter of water cup there. Then add the puree to a mid-sized saucepan with some extra water to cover it up. Wait till it boils, and then smallen the heat. Stew it then, while stirring, till all the liquid vaporizes. Add some vinegar, tomato sauce (not ketchup), pepper, powdered garlic, cayenne pepper, chili sauce and mix it all up. Bring to a boil, add little bit of sugar and stir again. After one minute take it off the fire. Leave 1 additional cup of sauce for the final touch. Cool down the sauce and use afterwards as a gravy for the roast-beef.


Czech Roasted Pork with an Apple Sauce

Roasted pork (in Czech language called – “veprova pecene”) is an authentically Czech dish usually served for family dinners on Sundays. Make sure to accompany it with delicious and nuttitious side garnish – called Knedliky (Czech Dumpling with Sauerkraut) as well as with a nice Czech pilsner beer! And don’t even try to omit using a caraway spice or drinking the beer. It’s all part f the traditional process!