Potato dishes are easy and fast to cook type of family dinner. And the only disadvantage of this great table vegetable turns out to be it’s main advantage – it’s flavorless mild taste.

Thanks to that, potato can become a perfect foundation for any kind of spice or a sauce. That makes it ideal for becoming either a salty crispy dish, a spiced casserole of a garnish or a plate of milky, creamy mashed potato!

So to start with, alternatively to stuffing individual potato skins with a filling for the twice-baked classic recipe, load the potatoes, but not their skins into a casserole of an appropriate size.

And to cook this Ree Drummond’s Twice-Baked Potato Casserole in accordance with an original recipe, make sure to add such essential ingredients as cheese and few slices of bacon and of course bake this goodness twice in your oven!

But before that just pour thinly sliced potatoes into a casserole and cook it till potatoes come up soft and smooth. By cooking in such a thorough manner, you will get yourself a really enjoyable option for an easy-to-cook family dinner.


Overall, these vegetables don’t require lots of work done to make it an overtly good kind of garnish. So moving to our second most favorite potato recipe in this list, let’s now see how to cook Boiled Potatoes with Butter.

Potatoes are coated with a nice mix of oils, garlic and any other herbs or additional spices you like. That makes the taste more intense and enjoyable. Just don’t forget to cover it with  melted butter and salt. Adding pepper is also an option for spicy food junkies.

Another way to make a great potato based dish is to bake it in the oven, with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Just double-check if the oven temperature is on it’s maximum capability. If so, such a heated baking way of cooking and the magic of olive oil will make your potato as crispy, as french fries – just without over-frying it in redundant amount of oil, which you’ could do in a frying pan.

Yet one more option to cook potato fast and easy is to do a mashed Potatoes with Olive Oil and Herbs. To make a difference from your regular mashed potato, add a hint of basil, parsley and tarragon. These herbs, with the olive oil finish being so tasty itself will add an extra special kick for your homemade mashed potatoes!


Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes with Paprika – is definitely our top-pick in this list.
Adding extra milk or sour cream to this creamy mashed potato mass and spicing it up with some paprika is a culinary marriage made in heaven. A perfect balance of creamy and spicy texture!

And as a side bonus, we can also mention a couple of additional ways on how you can cook this simple, yet very “customizable” vegetable: Number one – with addition of some lemon and parsley (or any other greens), roast thinly-sliced potato fingers on a frypan or a grill. Use the largest skillet you have. Another tip we have for you here is to use fish spatula to take those deeply fried potato slices out of the pan, as they might stick. Next meal for your consideration is Extra-Buttery Mashed Potatoes. Yep, just a little bit of extra butter makes mashed potatoes taste more lot creamier and milkier, which is perfect for people who hate spicy food! Then goes Slow-Fried French Fries, and again, as with the recipe above, double cooking is the secret. Firstly roast them with low temp, then use big heat, till they get crispy and brown. And finally, try to cook Hash Browns. It’s not that hard at all to cook them. Actually, the hardest part is to decide on whether you wanna make them crispy, or more baked-like and soft. Bon Appetit!