A part that design can play for gadgets of the future

A part that design can play for gadgets of the future

We tried to examine as many examples as possible and we found a profound evidence of a pattern.

An evidence that a majority of big web players is NOT afraid to approach UI design with unorthodox, fun and engaging solutions.

So, the list starts with a great Interaction on MailChimp’s website.

The way they make sending a first email marketing campaign a fun and engaging experience (as it is indeed) – is remarkable. Great way of playing it cool with your audience.


Another example of taking an ordinary User Interface detail and turning it into a marvelous experience for a website visitor! This one was found inside a UI of the Slack messenger service.

It’s available both as a web version and a separate, cross OS application.

The nice touch is that when you enter a HEX color code there (e.g. #ff3333) – the messenger will display it for you instantly in a separate little box.

This is a small detail, still feels like an extra mile that the service is willing to go to make life easier for its users.


“If you think math is hard try web design.”Trish Parr


Did you know, that Google Maps have a little easter egg UX feature about the shadows?

If you’re looking at any building or a landmark on Google Maps – the service will display shadow it casts. In real time!

All accordingly to a time of the day.


The Daily Beast news platform also holds couple of nice UX features to it.

If you are browsing some long-read article on their website, you will see a length indicator on a right-hand sidebar of it.

The slider will show you how deep into the article you are, and how much is still left to be scrolled down.


Similar thing can be found on an online video educational website called TED.

As you’re saving some TED videos or lectures to your playlist to watch later, it saves it in a list.

The list has a fine feature of adding up the length of each separate video. Moreover, it shows you how much time it will take to digest this piece of video knowledge.

These 5 examples simply highlight how important it is to add some non-conventional ways of interaction. That engages users greatly, as well as affectS your conversion and bounce rates!

These features make your visitors more loyal to your site. It makes them feel like you went an extra mile to do something out of the box for them…

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  1. Yep, you’ve got to be creative these days when experimenting with the UX.

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