My name is Steven Roberts and I’m a designer. Life and work have never been easy for me since I graduated from NYAA (New York Academy of Art) way back in 2001.
The world of the web was still young then, and there were tons more of possibilities to get my practice in web design straight.

God knows how many experimental designs I ran for web and app interfaces in those 15 years. But eventually, every experiment undertaken resulted in a more seasoned, almost AB tested self-understanding of what works and what does not. My extensive knowledge in creating miscellaneous web interfaces made me a professional I am now.

This Sketchfield blog is an attempt by me, 15 years long practitioner of UI and UX design, to bring together all the good tips on web design. Also, I will highlight all the latest web design trends for my dear readers.

So whenever you leverage from any kind of tip I have here, my heart sings!


Founded in 2003, this blog grew along with the Internet itself. Trends and patterns, best practices for designing a User Interface changed drastically over the time. Browsing through 13 years of blog entries on UX and UI here, you’ll hopefully see the whole progress of it with your own eyes.

Best Posts On Web Design

Since this blog exists for so many years, its number of articles is overwhelming even to me. That was the major reason for compiling this list of the articles which were most popular with my readers.

See the list and enjoy all the design tips there!