About us

Welcome to the best Yoga studio in LA!

Founded back in 1990, our Yoga studio has become one of the most popular yoga venues in LA.

That can count as an incredible achievement, considering, how many Yoga studios does the city of Los Angeles has… We’re absolutely sure, that in big part this success can be attributed to such factors, as:

  • The universal range of the Yoga classes and practices and classes that we have…
  • A seasoned, renown team of Yoga coaches with a nationwide recognition, acclaimed by multiple awards they have all together…
  • A price range, that is so reasonable it looks completely foreign to the overblown prices most of the La-based Yoga classes charge their clients with…

Through and through we were trying to make our Yoga studio a peaceful, meditational place of tranquility, which according to our ever-growing list of attendees we’ve succeeded at! We offer 6 most universal, basic Yoga classes, such as:

  • Yoga for Couples
  • Hot Power Yoga
  • Ashanti Yoga
  • Sacred Fertility Yoga
  • Yoga Retreats
  • Bikram Yoga



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What Our Happy Client Says

I've been a yoga enthusiast well since my college days, so when I moved from DC to LA I was in a hurry to find a replacement yoga club for me there. Though it proved harder than I imagined, I was finally able to find a perfectly balanced studio for me - this one! The coaches they have are just pure gold!

Katherine Smith