Kevin Stevenson

Kevin Stevenson


Kevin was exposed to the world of yoga for the first time by stumbling upon an article about wakeboarding and the benefits of hot yoga. Having a prior athletic background that consisted of years of football, weightlifting, and not nearly enough stretching, he stepped into the hot room for the first time extremely tight yet curious.
All he wanted at first was to find out new ways to increasing his body’s flexibility, buildup the strength, and tone his physical structure to balance. While hot yoga guided him to a new physical presence, he never expected the results to gain hold so fast! During his first year of practice he found himself returning to the intense, but a perfectly balanced practice of hot yoga more often, because it was not only helping him physically… The more wide effect of those yoga classes has lied within unlocking stress, creating space, and presenting a deeper understanding and connection to his life experiences.

While his Yoga practices knowledge spans from Shanto yoga and Hot yoga to Modo, his life background is no less diverse… Being born in Brooklyn, NY, Kevin’s life had become defined by the challenge of living the American dream. He worked as a coder for more than 10 years, firstly for a big IT company and then founding his own web development studio…

While his life on the outside looked just great, yet he was not feeling confident or calm enough on the inside… His inner-self asked him – “What’s next?”. That soul-searching in his mid-30s, on par with his natural curiosity ultimately led him into the yoga practices world…

All in all, after just a few years of visiting his classes, his ambitions led him to wonder, what if he could become a coach himself?

So after completing the Modo Trainer classes in 2011, Kevin began his journey anew, now as a Yoga mentor…


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