Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats

What is a Yoga Retreat?

Basically, a Yoga retreat is a perfect opportunity to explore yourself through your practice. Life rhythm is hectic these days, with all the distractions and diversions that we live amidst, it gets much harder to look inward… Thanks to Yoga retreats it will become easy again, helping you to relax, and fully take advantage of what yoga has to offer.

A yoga retreat offers you a unique opportunity to get away from your regular routines and customs of your city life, which allows for a valuable perspective onto ourselves.

Often, people have to negotiate a time off of work to attend a retreat, that is why those retreats often take place in exotic locations. That presents everyone on a trip with a benefit of a unique vacation experience in combination with deepening your yoga practice. However, we offer retreats within the US, that may be only a couple hours road trip away. Usually, we choose some relatively remote CA locations, close to the ocean and away from the big city lights…  In short, whichever type of yoga retreat you’re looking for, we hope to provide that selection that meets your need at this time of your life. Retreat can be life changing no matter where they take place.

Are yoga retreats for everyone?

Yes! The common notion that one must be a Guru to allow themselves to go to a Yoga retreat is an illusion. We accept Yoga lovers of all levels, because ultimately the fresh air, seclusion for awhile and lots of practicing will move anyone forward!

Can I go on a Retreat alone?

Absolutely! In fact, many do… While yoga retreats can be great for couples, friends, and families, a majority of retreat takers go solo. The reason for that is yoga retreats being a get away by definition,… A retreat away from the regular buzz.  People who attend yoga retreats tend to be respectful, community-driven, and generally well centered! Which means that you will find yourself in a great and inspiring company!


  • 1 – 5 sessions per month     $69.00
  • 5 – 15 sessions per month     $59.00
  • 15 – 30 sessions per month     $49.00

Kevin Stevenson

Kevin was exposed to the world of yoga for the first time by stumbling upon an article about wakeboarding and the benefits of hot yoga. Having a prior athletic background that consisted of years of football, weightlifting, and not nearly enough stretching, he stepped into the hot room for the first time extremely tight yet curious.

While his life on the outside looked just great, yet he was not feeling confident or calm enough on the inside… His inner-self asked him – “What’s next?”. That soul-searching in his mid-30s, on par with his natural curiosity ultimately led him into the yoga practices world…

All he wanted at first was to find out new ways to increasing his body’s flexibility, buildup the strength, and tone his physical structure to balance. While hot yoga guided him to a new physical presence, he never expected the results to gain hold so fast!

All in all, after just a few years of visiting his classes, his ambitions led him to wonder, what if he could become a coach himself?

So after completing the Modo Trainer classes in 2011, Kevin began his journey anew, now as a Yoga mentor…

Getting a real peace of mind is priceless these days…

Enroll for one of our Yoga Classes in order to stay in a balance with your inner self, 24/7!

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