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Because Yoga is such a pacifying and collaborative in its original design, it is meant to make you much more open to the big world out there and everyone in it…

That’s why practicing Yoga together with your partner is actually a brilliant idea! Besides the fact, that we have our whole separate class of our own for that matter, you can surely also keep a practice at home.

These 18  postures (or asanas) that we’ve compiled here are the most  essential ones and they will surely help you get it on in a great way!


#1: Arching Heart

This one is the go-to posture for a pair that are both flexible enough!

#2: Double Standing Forward Bend

Keeping it as close together, while bending and holding hands usually lasts for 5 good deep breaths… Perfect posture to precede it – the “Backpack”…

#3: Double Down Dog

The person on the bottom gets a sweet lower-back release feel and can deepen the stretch in the hamstrings, while a person at the top stretches the back and chest just perfectly.

#4: Down Dog Bow

Performing this posture highly increases the flexibility of your spine. Besides, it feels just great to feel some weight on the top!

#5: Double Sandwich

One of the most basic, yet most effective poses in a legs stretching…

#6: Double Wide Boat

This asana done with a partner will deepen the stretch in your hamstrings while working your core.

#7: Child’s Pose Lounge

That one provides an amazingly deep stretch in the lower back and stretches the abs, chest, and arms of that partner who’s on top…

#8: Double Gate

This one will give you perfect stretch both for your back and your sides…

#9: Down Dog Scorpion

One of the most complicated postures on the list, you might eventually need a help from a third person to get on the lower partner’s back, while balancing on your forearms and bouncing your legs back on your head…

#10: Flying Bow

Working this one will demand a bit of a fighting with gravity to stretch your back perfectly…

#11: Supported Easy or Half Lotus Pose

This is the perfect opportunity to improve on your posture. Use your human wall to assure proper alignment of your spine while sitting in either Easy or Half Lotus Pose.

#12: Forward and Back Bend Pose

While one partner exhales and folds forward the other comes to lie across their back for a backbend. This encourages a deeper forward and back bend for both partners. Trade the places a few times…

#13: Buddy Boat Pose

Once again, this posture is pretty easy, but definitely a good one for your spine and shoulders!

#14: Double-Sided Stretch Pose

Bending and leaning your back is all what this one is about…

#15: Thick Tree Pose

Lean in the side of your hips together and afterwards raise your leg as they raise the opposite leg and guide them onto your inner upper thighs, then wrap your hands around…

#16: Twin Warriors Pose

Hands and wrists are front and center here!

#17: Dancer Duo Pose

Perfect for training a sense of balance between two partners… Switch a few times…

#18: Forearm Stand Pose

A perfect opposite… Not to mention, switch it a few times between yourselves…

… and come join us at our Yoga for Couples classes after practicing this homework!


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