Our coaches

Meet the Coaches:

At our facility, the focus is split between two most efficient workout practices: Fitness and Yoga….

That’s why each of our coaches has an extensive experience in doing and teaching both of these routines.

All of them are industry-qualified, with numerous awards won on a state and nationwide levels…

Jason Kenneth

Owner/Head Coach

Jason is one of our facility’s co-founders, who on par with his Yoga-loving wife decided to mingle the worlds of fitness and yoga together… That kind of a blend they did …

Alice Walters


Previously a fitness coach in her home city of Memphis, Tennessee, Alice has been looking for “her” niche for quite a while… That was until she became pregnant with her first …

Caroline Liam


While Caroline initially was working as the coach in the Yoga field, excelling in the Ashanti and Iyengar Yoga, gradually she became interested in the Fitness as well…

Mary Whopper


Mary is our co-founder’s wife and an avid Yoga enthusiast… Their unique union, which balanced a fitness junkie and a Yoga lover resulted in the founding of a combined …