Coach Alice Walters

Alice Walters


Previously a fitness coach in her home city of Memphis, Tennessee, Alice has been looking for “her” niche for quite a while…

That was until she became pregnant with her first child and discovered a whole new world of pre & post natal fitness for herself!

Alice has excelled so much in it, that right after getting back to the gym from her post-pregnancy time, Alice became one of the best coaches in that field…

Luckily for us, 4 years ago she moved with her husband and kids to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where she ultimately met our studio’s founder – Jason and Mary!

It was truly a fortunate time for us all, as Alice has been our best coach ever since!



This coach’s field of experience includes:

  • Pre&post natal fitness
  • CrossFit
  • Powerlifting
  • Birkam Yoga
  • General Fitness