Yoga for Couples

Yoga for Couples

Any yoga practice by its design is meant to be as inclusive, as possible, opening your energy up to the world!

That is why practicing a Yoga workout in a collaboration with either your friend or your beloved one is a great idea!

We’ve compiled you a list of the best-paired poses:

  • Arching Heart
  • Double Standing Forward Bend
  • Double Down Dog
  • Down Dog Bow
  • Double Sandwich
  • Double Wide Boat
  • Child’s Pose Lounge
  • Double Gate
  • Down Dog Scorpion

… and so much more!


  • 1 – 5 sessions per month     $69.00
  • 5 – 15 sessions per month     $59.00
  • 15 – 30 sessions per month     $49.00


Mary is our co-founder’s wife and an avid Yoga enthusiast…

Their unique union, which balanced a fitness junkie and a Yoga lover resulted in the founding of a combined Fitness and Yoga facilities.

Together, each pushing from their own corner of a workout routine, they were able to make this unlikely combination work, well before it became a mainstream nationwide…

Being a recognized master in 4 types of Yoga: Hot Power Yoga; Ashanti Yoga; Iyengar yoga and Bikram Yoga, Mary has always been an innovator as well.

The Yoga for Couples class that she curates incorporates all of her favorite postures and asanas in a uniquely efficient combined mix!

While some wellbeing facilities offer fitness to energize your body and some offer yoga, to relax your mind, we offer both! Sign up for our unique set of classes that are meant to keep your body and your mind intact!

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