Taxis & Limos

Taxis & Limos

We are determined to be taking care of every single type of a car, an owner of which loves it strong enough to wash and clean regularly!

We’re aware of the fact, that due to its extreme usage, such vehicles as taxicabs and rent-out limousines get worn out much faster, than  their regular 4-wheel colleagues…

This made us employ a brand new service, allowing us to pay an extra dedication, attention and time to sorting out all the mess that can stack up when it comes to these highly popular types of cars!









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Service Cost


Duration: 20m

Do you drive so much, that your car always has this shady dust all over its body?  Are you too busy to wash your car all by yourself few times a week? If either of those is a “yes”, then you know that you just need to take your darling car for a shower and cleaning service with our Car Wash!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Franklin RooseveltJune 10, 2016

Bringing my Grand Cherokee here, while driving across the state, was a grand decision! They’ve serviced and washed my car like 2 times faster than I’ve seen at other car washes!

Dwight EisenhowerJune 14, 2016

Having visited a lot of car washes before I’ve got to admit, that this one is absolutely the best one! Fast and timely service with an affordable price tag attached – that’s what I like!

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