Why We’re Different?

24/7 service

All of our cleaning experts are ready to work at any objects with absolutely any scheduling and any frequency applicable!

Fully Insured

As our workers oftentimes work at pretty big heights, especially when servicing commercial objects, we’re insured!


Being the biggest company in the state, we’re working with all kinds of windows, heights and building types!

Cleaning services


Happy customers

When we hire a window cleaning company, there’s always some unusual kind of issues that they come up with – from full insurance absence to some height restriction… Luckily we’ve finally found these guys, who are both insured and have the moves at any height we need!”

Kevin Garnett

While I was looking for a regular window cleaning company, I’ve realized that all the prices they offer me are just way too high… This company was the only one who gave me a reasonable pricing quote for cleaning our 77 stories-high building daily!

Diane Lovelace

There’s no job too
dirty for our specialists

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