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Though we’re not the oldest culinary academy in New England, still our team of seasoned cooks and our desire to achieve excellence in everything we do make us prominent!
We never fail to deliver the best quality in our educational process, with 9 out of 10 of our graduates eventually becoming professional cooking industry workers!

Our cooking Classes Cover a Variety of Topics

Meet the Team of Our cooking Tutors

Our cooking School first opened its doors in 1983 and has been teaching students from all over the world and all walks of life ever since

Marie Binklow

Head Chef

Her previous work experience includes such high places as the Dawson and Nico Asteria in Chicago city; Vics and Hasaki in New York City and the SF’s Benu, which during her tenure…

Emily Lacrosse

Seafood & Fish Chef

It was in amazing Paris – that artistic and culinary-traditions rich big city, where she enrolled for her first cooking classes, just to become the Chef for a famous in the whole city person…

Alice Steep

European Cuisine Chef

Her experience covers European, Seafood and other cuisines. Her range is simply incredible! Beginning with the Arabic and Nigerian restaurants that she had been working…

Jean-Luc Pinot

Pastry & Confectionery

For Jan-Luc Pinot cooking comes natural, as he spent mot of his childhood at a small rural bakery his grandfather owned… Luckily at the age of 19, Jean-Luc Pinot decided that he wants…



New African Cuisines


As a majority of top Chefs across the globe agree – a brand new food trend is coming and it’s almost here! 2016 will definitely be a breakthrough year for the African cuisine (s)…

Separating it into two subgroups of Maghreb (Arabic) and Southern (African) cuisines, we’ve added 5 following food styles up for studying:

  • Nigerian
  • Ethiopian
  • Algerian
  • Tunisian
  • South African BBQ





Cheese Classes

We introduce you a unique new certificate program about the world of cheese, where students will learn how to prepare cheese platters, and to pair them with wine and cuisine.

Our cooking school offers a fully comprehensive set of cheese programs in partnership with the Cheese Professional Association (CPA).

This program is designed for cheese lovers and people who are interested in pursuing a professional role in the food industry. The content of this program includes an introduction to the history and cultural background of cheese, manufacturing process, and pairing cheese with wine and other beverages.





New Asian Cuisines

cooking Classes!

We’ve been sticking to the traditional list of European cuisines (like French, Italian and German) for far too long…

This time, we’re adding a brand new lineup of 5 new up-and-coming Asian cooking schools, all of which will be taught as parts of the new cooking Class. The new cuisines include:

  • Taiwanese
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese
  • Laos
  • Indonesian



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It’s fun, that even despite working previously on a kitchen, the studying process here was kind of tough for me, regardless of any previous skills… All in all, during these 6 months, I had to learn a ton of new things and adapt to the top demands…
Mary Ranghorn

For me the original reason to be trained as a Chef was the fact that I’ve used to help my uncle at his Italian restaurant in Bronx, long time ago. Since then I’ve always wanted to graduate as a Chef myself… The studying process here taught me to become…
Gerladina Smith