Both the size of our handymen crew and our protracted expertise allow us to accomplish absolutely any type of a repair, replacement or a maintenance job!

Home Supplies Repair

Having any household appliance, such as a vacuum cleaner as an immediate example,  broken can easily break anyone down. With reasons for that varying from broken belts and burnt rubber inside to simple overheating while in service, it takes an expert to make sense of it and fix it!

Also when right in the middle of July’s heat you get stuck with a broken AC and not cool air to make your day livable, the issues that caused it may vary greatly. This may easily happen due to a malfunctioning filter, drain lines, outside units, simple overheating or just the old age of the air conditioning unit. But regardless of what the specific reason of failure is, we are sure we’ll be able to fix it!

Electrical Systems Maintenance

Both residential and commercial electrical systems such as backup power generators, electrical outlets, and sockets, electrical panels, lighting and security systems – need a regular, ideally an annual custom of maintenance.

Unfortunately, many homeowners and business owners simply ignore this necessity at their own peril and get a malfunction or a power outage…


In case you’ve ever found yourself in a situation, when you’ve been choosing a wood flooring, then you probably know how immense the diversity is…

Starting with hardwood floors made out of dozens of types of wood, all the way to engineered and solid wood flooring options, the choice is to be carefully considered.

We’ll be more than glad to assist you in that process!


Our plumbing company offers a variety of services for commercial companies. We do Crawl Space Plumbing, Handicap Plumbing & Copper Piping among everything else…

Today our kitchens are equipped not with one, but with few different kinds of faucets and water supply pipes.. We work on fixing any types of kitchen faucets, including,…

Emergency Services

With our regular set of electrical maintenance, installation and repair services working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, unfortunately some bad mishaps get out of our reach.

In order to fix that and to provide you with electricity-related assistance for your home, office or a vehicle on a 24/7 basis we’re introducing this Emergency service.

It is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Home Renovations

Any scale of a home remodeling or renovation gives you a chance to enhance your living space by incorporating some awesome wooden elements and furniture into it. Our designers & crew are ready to discuss all the options with you!

Our outstanding relationships with the past and current clients, as well as with architects, supply houses, and trade contractors, attest to the stability and integrity of our company. We pride ourselves in combining efficient management with expert craftsmanship on every residential construction project.

Whatever needs to be repaired, we're the ones to do the job

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