We’re more than just yet another shipping company.

That is because when we take responsibility over your cargo, we make it our goal to do everything perfect and on time!

About us

The Encompass company has been offering excellent freight transportation services for more 30 years and by now has managed to accumulate an ownership over an impressive-sized fleet of its own…

Today our business operates a fleet of tugs, tankers, carriers and workboats that work internationally.

All of our vessels are advanced, well-maintained and are fit for a variety of usage types. Every single vessel is manned by experienced, highly skilled and trained crew, many of whom have been working with us for decades… When it comes to our relationship with clients, we are proud to be an approachable, adaptable and professional provider. This has made it possible for  us to build many long term relationships with major companies within the industries that we work within. All our crew members are highly experienced, well-trained and experienced in the type of operations that they are fully responsible for. Training is very crucial to us and is carried out both internally and externally. Crew certification complies with STCW requirements.


We strongly believe in the quality and importance of connecting the trading world as one.

We aim to provide an efficient, effective and reliable service to the marine construction and maintenance industries worldwide

Worldwide Service

Whatever the end destination for your cargo is, be sure that thanks to us it will arrive on time and even faster!


Working in the industry for many years, our company trustworthiness has built us a solid reputation!

Shipping Tracking

We offer this service to track your cargo in real-time on a free basis. This is the perfect extra gift we can offer our clients!

Additional Services

Understanding how vital it is to manage all the aspects of an international freight operation, we’ve got it all covered here!

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Executive Leadership Team

Calvin Fitzgerald

Calvin Fitzgerald


Chief Executive Officer at the Encompass company, Mr Fitzgerald joined our ranks back in 2009 and has been an effective management’s team leader ever since. His early career was based in the financial industry and culminated in running an Aircraft Leasing desk for a major German Bank. Specializing in the Structured Trade and Project Finance, Mr Fitzgerald has continued his career as Head of Business Planning at Boange Communications, then switching back to..

Taylor Wilson

Taylor Wilson

Executive Manager

Mr Wilson enrolled to us back in 2008 as Group Counsel / Corporate Secretary. He is responsible for all legal and insurance related matters that our compnay faces. Before becoming a part of the Encompass, Mr wilson spent 20 years with the commodity trader Redré & Cie SA (curating their legal, Insurance and Operations Departments), 4 years with BCV – Banque Cantonale Laueoise (as head of legal for the Shipping & Trade Finance Department).


Josh Wagner

Josh Wagner

Executive Manager

Mr Wagner now serves as the Chief Operations Officer, becoming a part of our ocean freight business back in 2010, with his first position being the Operator, Operations Officer, Operations Manager Tanker Fleet, DPA and Company Security Officer. He is a Master Mariner with more than 20 years of Seafaring Experience on tankers and OBOs. With an Engineer-Navigator degree that he graduated with from one of the best universities in Virginia, Josh is a capable manager.

Luis Maxwell

Luis Maxwell

Executive Manager

Mr Maxwell works with us since 2004 and does the duties of a Chief Financial Officer, successfully managing the financial aspects of the Encompass’ operations. Mr Maxwell possesses ’ over 15 years of experience within the finance, banking and trade finance industry. Prior to becoming one of our managers, he was an executive manager in a Swiss bank, just s well as in the US. The list includes IBS and BCV. Mr Maxwell graduated from Bristol University…


In order for me to be able to sell my beans I need them to be transported to Hong Kong firstly… This is when I need a helping hand (or a boat) of companies like this one! I’ve been using their seafaring services for years and it always paid off!

Deborah Quagmire

Jedha Inc

My experience of doing business with these guys has been nothing but pleasant! After the first bulk tank order of wheat transporting that they did for me they offered my company a courtesy discount for any future bulk orders! We’re working with them ever since!

Benedict Arnold

Dantooine Inc

I never understood why does anyone work with big seafaring companies, if the smaller ones can offer you a better price? That is my case, as when I compare working with this company and a multitude of other big-name providers, I prefer them!

Gerald Cutler

Lathol Inc

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