See our moving & local delivery services

Furniture Delivery
When moving, or simply due to some specific circumstances, you might need to transport big-sized furniture... If that kind of delivery will be done locally and within our service' range - we'll be more than glad to safely move your furniture from one location to another one...
Home Moving
When moving to a location that is not too far away from your previous home, the transportation service still needs to be timely and safely performed. That's when we step in and deliver all of your belongings, including the big ones, safe and sound to any other given location.
Office Moving
Moving an office from one location to another involves handling a lot of fragile and transportation-sensitive items, such as all the office computers and other electronics. We've been doing those kinds of moves many times before, so be sure that under our supervision, all of your stuff will remain safely delivered.
Fragiles Delivery
Whether we're talking about a delivery package or a crate containing transportation-sensitive electronics, china, dishes or any other fragile material - we're handy at securing a safe journey for those items. Besides, we provide a few extra security measures when handling such valuable items on a move.
Courier Delivery
If you need something to be delivered on a door-to-door basis, while requiring a local-range delivery only, be sure that our couriers will get it done the fastest! We've got a big crew of professional delivery people, all of whom have timing on their mind when handling your order!
Small Packages
While most of our deliveries are loaded into moving trucks and weigh more than 5 pounds, we also work with small-sized packages delivery. This means anything ranging from a letter you want to be courier-delivered to a small package of books, fruits or anything else!
Vehicles Transportation
With each delivery package type having specific handling requirements, one stands out completely. Transporting cars, motorbikes or any other vehicles - short-range is our specialty. We have a dedicated fleet of special trucks for that matter!
Business Solutions
If you're an e-commerce seller and your business depends on providing timely and cheap courier deliveries across your neighborhood or a county, then we have a special rates plan to offer! Depending on how often would you need our services, we'll tailor the price, just for you!


Cameron Welch

Well, let’s just say that moving a house full of fish tanks, pianos, and fragile glass tables is an errand of a risky sort.. .Still, this company managed to move everything from point A to point B literally in no time!

Gary Owen

I’m a small business owner – so for me, a convenient local delivery means a world! With both the agility and the price of it being huge factors for me, as I send out hundreds of packages a year – the InTime guys are just my kind of delivery men!

Troy Barnett

Whenever I need to send the Xmas gifts to my family and friends across the county, or simply gift them with some kind of a present without such a big occasion – I always turn to these delivery people. They’re fast and fairly priced!