Auto repair services

Oil Change
Did you know that your car needs an oil change every 2500 miles? We can change it in no time, with any oil of your selection, be it a conventional or a synthetic one... We guarantee that oil quality will get your car going for many miles more!
Exhaust & Mufflers
The exhaust system in a car ensures that the toxic exhaust fumes do not get inside your car cabin. Its another task is to make sure your engine runs correctly. Exhausts and mufflers help you to achieve the best possible fuel efficiency and cut emissions that pollute the air, making your car more eco-friendly...
Tires & Wheels
With tires and wheels being what literally drives the car, we cannot put more emphasis in how important these are. It's vital to check the deflation, tires weariness as well as wheels state. We change wheels of any diameter and we can change the tires to any brand of your choice!
Brake Repair
Car brakes are the most crucial part in all of the auto's security. To avoid an unexpected road accident, it is recommended to check and if needed to change the brakes at least once everyyear...
An air conditioning is one of the greatest conveniences that's ever been introduced to a car salon... Still, as any other car part, it cannot last forever and needs regular checkups just to be sure that you will not get boiled inside your car, with AC broken in the middle of the Californian heat!
Steering & Suspension
The steering wheel and suspension are your friends. You don't wanna turn the wrong way while in the middle of the highway, right? That's another reason to get a checkup and assessment for this vital car part every half a year.
Just as oil, your car battery needs to be regularly checked. That means you need to both change it if needed, which we can easily do with a vast range of batteries in our stocks!
Engine Services
Your engine is the heart of the car, it's what keeps it alive. That's why engine oil, engine parts and even air filters are the things that you are obliged to check each year! We provide a full-fledged assessment and mechanical checkup for any engines and any cars!

Happy Customers

Ryan Banies

I live in Arkansas, just to give you an idea of how really hot it is out here in the summer… That way you will understand why exactly I was so frustrated when my car’s air conditioning broke and I was in an urgent need to get it fixed. Thankfully, these guys did it all!

Ted Christiansen

Just when I was about to go for a holiday-season road trip with my family, this happened… Having my whole engine stopping and my vehicle now literally stuck to the ground, I wanted an urgent help. Eventually, after visiting this repair shop I was able to move out on time!

John Vattiano

I never thought before, that having such a basic thing as oil leak can be such a big repair problem… Calling all these different repair shops only gave me a headache of the prices that were sky-high. Luckily, I was able to stumble onto these guys with their awesome pricing!