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The Most Badass Tattoo Studio on the Face of the Earth!

Our tattoo and piercing salon is a real highlight of the whole industry in the American Midwest! Founded way back in 1997 by a couple, both of whom were avid tattoos and piercing lovers, the venue rose to fame quickly and now we’re the biggest salon in the ND! While our friends criticized our initial decision, later on, everyone understood how spot on our location’s choice was! Both the citizens of Bismarck, state’s capital and the rural dwellers were hungry and eager for someone, anyone, who would help them in liberating their self-expression and putting it to a real-life art form! Since then we’ve expanded our staff largely, investing both time and money in purchasing the latest tattooing and piercing equipment, ink and tools… By 2016 thousands of North and South Dakotans, just as well as visiting tourists have been blessed by our masters’artfulness and sharp skills!


The Most Badass Skull and Rose Tattoo



Incredible Flames & Flowers Tattoos



The Best Christian Tattoo of the Year


I wanted a tattoo so bad, but the prices didn’t cut it for me… Thanks to these guys discount for first-timers I finally did it!


Making a tattoo is always a complicated thing… It all depends on how artful the master is. That’s why this salon works for me!


I already have like a dozen of badass tattoos… But none of them were as good as the one that their master Jane did for me last week! Bell

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