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My name is Mary Oliver, and this little food blog is my online kitchen book.

I write, I cook, and I take pictures of delicious food.

I’ve spent last seventeen years of my life working as a professional sous chef and chef at several restaurants in US and UK, including the “Barnyard” London place for which I’ve been awarded a Michelin Star. Doing that during the day and blogging about food and tastiest recipes at night, loving both jobs and never wanting to give either of them up, that is me!

Though the idea of becoming a fully dedicated, 9am-6pm food and cooking blogger has always seemed fascinating to me. So in June 2012, I officially made the leap and I can’t be more happy about how great it all turned out for me!

Way back in 2006 my husband Enrique and I had the opportunity to live in Portugal for two years, where we worked at a local French cuisine restaurant as chefs and eventually bought the place. That little Portuguese food-place is still ours, and I always draw a lot of my food inspiration from there. Occasionally, once or twice a year I visit it and work there as a Chef for couple of months straight.

And as for my culinary tastes and preferences, I don’t have any specific or strict ones. I’m basically a fan of all foods and ingredients out there and never stop loving to discover new ones. Thankfully hundreds of local cuisines all over the world help me to find out about some new vegetables, meat or spices almost every day. So I either incorporate them in the meals I’ve already mastered or am trying to cook some new local authentic dishes with them. Just like I did with my most recent discovery – a Basque (region in Northern Pyrenees peninsula) dish called “pintxos”(snack with hake, cod, anchovy; tortilla de patatas; stuffed peppers; and croquettes on a bread bed, spiked with a toothpick), for example…

All in all, just like any other person I like chocolate chip cookies, Chinese food and sunsets.

And as for more personal things in my life, I always appreciate such thing as charity activities.

As an example of that: 1% of profit off my recipes ebook “Mary Oliver’s Food Twist” is spent on fighting poverty and starvation in Central Africa.

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