The African elephant is the largest animal walking the Earth. Their herds wander through 37 countries in Africa. And their population has been decreasing for years. Africa’s elephants could disappear from much of the wild within a generation. A virulent wave of poaching is threatening these iconic creatures, with an elephant killed for its tusks every 15 minutes. Driving the killing is a complex, international ivory trade that thrives on poverty, corruption, and greed. But there is hope. Conservation organizations and communities, scientists and governments, are all uniting behind a common strategy to stop the killing, the trafficking, and the demand for ivory. We work with African Elephant Crisis Fund – a joint initiative of Save the Elephants and the Wildlife Conservation Network – exists to fuel this coalition, encourage collaboration, and deliver rapid impact on the ground. The Elephant Crisis Fund has but one goal: to end the ivory crisis. Each year tens of thousands of elephants are killed for ivory At least 33,000 elephants are killed for their tusks each year in a devastating wave of poaching that is sweeping across Africa. This elephant genocide is driven by demand for ivory as a symbol of wealth or prestige in Asia. Sophisticated criminal elements – often the same groups that smuggle guns, people, and drugs – orchestrate the poaching and smuggling of elephant tusks to foreign markets. The illicit profits of this ivory trade finance terrorism and wars, threatening not only the future of elephants, but also security in Africa and around the world. The elephant crisis is too big for any one organization or government to resolve. It requires the best ideas and actions from a diverse coalition of effective leaders, NGOs, institutions, media, scientists, and governments. It also requires speed and efficiency, collaboration, and innovation. These are the principles of the Elephant Crisis Fund. The fate of elephants is in the balance. The record price of ivory has attracted organised crime, rebel militias and even terrorist groups, fuelling a surge of poaching across the continent. Without the outstanding support and generosity of our donors, STE would not be able to continue securing a future for the elephants. We urgently need your support, while there is still time. You can be of vital assistance by donating to either our core funds or to any of our projects.