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Remember, the truth is that beautiful, seductive, and above all else, good-fitting lingerie comes in all shapes and sizes just like our bodies do.

The keynote? Highlight the positive, focus on your best feature and show it off boldly and with joy!

Many of those strict but also hot garments come with matching robes, which can be tied low around your waist. This unwrapping invitation creates a plunging neckline and gives your body a flattering vertical line outright.

For foxes who have athletic or what some would refer to as “boyish” bodies, your best choice lies within both highlighting and making curves more apparent.

A plungy laced push-up bra and matching panties make a fit bod more feminine looking. As opposed to that, the  dainty bralette will turn an image of a hard body softer.

Pair your top look off with silky and delicate bottoms to show off your narrow hips. But make no mistake and choose a pair with a V-shaped angled cut. That little cut will ultimately add lots of curves to a straight figure while subtly drawing the eye over the hips.

Add a garter belt and stockings to raise your bet on your look and pair that look with some strut worthy high heels!

Just remember, that in case your natural curves are a bit more elusive to notice at once, one of the best ways to highlight your silhouette more is to add some blinding and bold coloring to it. That will give your figure an extra dimension. Baby doll nighties with feminine lace touches can help play up those curves you covet and garter sets can help to show off those long legs! Don’t be afraid to steer away from all black lingerie and opt for a not so innocent white lacy number like the La perla one below.

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