Jewelry Designer to Watch: VickiSarge, Extraordinary Costume Jewelry

Jewelry Designer to  Watch: VickiSarge, Extraordinary Costume Jewelry

Us women love a great necklace. We’re never short of great places to wear jewellery. Whether you live in a beachside suburb (like me!) or the high-end part of town, you’ll love these simple tips on how to wear necklaces. Break the rules – I dare you!

When it comes to necklaces, start with long pieces of jewellery and then place shorter pieces above that. So always start long and go short. Place them about three inches apart. This can be slimming because it draws the eye long and down.

If you are wearing a large chunky necklace make sure you keep your earrings small and vice versa. If you are wearing large earrings, don’t over accessorise with a big necklace.

Use a mirror and play with your jewellery. You’ll know immediately what looks good or not. My rule of thumb is – if you hesitate don’t do it. You will know exactly what looks good. Go with your gut. Let your style be completely yours.

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These can really jazz up an outfit. A statement necklace’s best friend are simple diamond studs. They are classy and go with everything. Note: These can be fake! Not everyone has diamond studs that are real!

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