• Light is a smart switcher. Use it to control all lighting in the room.
  • It will turn off the light when you leave the room, and turn it on when you return.
  • The sleep timer will gradually turn down the light while you are falling asleep.
  • The light turns on at the pre-set time, thanks to the alarm clock function. Moreover, the Smart Light function allows you to simulate your presence at home since the light can be turned on at anytime.
  • Light comes with an application for mobile devices, which allows managing your lighting remotely.


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Light timeline on Kickstarter

Project Launched
October 4
Start of kickstarter project
October 21
Kickstarter project ends. start of production
May 05
Production ends and shipping starts
September 20
Backers receive their rewards
October 04

Our team

Teamwork is a key element of Studio Light. Our team is very strong in terms of creativity and technology. People, who work with us, do their best to achieve great result. We are sure that we did a lot already, that left many companies behind. Of course, it is also the merit of our users, who definitely like the product (75% of all users use mobile application at least once a month).  Our important competitive advantage is that we are the first on the market of smart light.

Oliver Stan
Author of idea

I started working with no experience, no money, and no network. The only thing I had was my passion for my dream that was waiting to become real. Then, I have found other people who shared the same passion and become the part of our team.

We moved to a bigger office, started creating a new smart light controller and preparing for our crowd funding campaign. We achieved what we wanted to achieve.

We earned 100k in 25 days in order to have a market proof for VC investors to join us. We were happy to find a great investor who also enjoyed our idea. It was very difficult to start, but also very exciting.