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Hi, we are the creators of WildRide e-bike startup – Daryl and Ray Reagan


Hello world! We’d like to share our story with you all. Our journey for an ecologically friendly yet energetic and powerful bicycle started out in Antarctica.

There, as two young astrophysicists we were junior researchers for climate changes and global warming study, conducted at that time by a British research facility in the Enderby Land of Antarctica.


There we felt a strong urge to do our own contribution towards ecologically savvy technologies.

And considering both of us were born in Amsterdam, which is world’s biggest bicycle loving megapolis, we had no doubt whatsoever, that our project will be centered around advancing the eco and technology for our favorite transportation mean – a bike.

So, we began to design our technologically advanced bicycle as soon as we gotten back to the States. Here, with the help from our colleague researchers and our friends who studied with us at the college, we set up a workshop. There, in suburbs of New York City, we’ve been designing and building our electronic bike, step by step, part by part, idea by idea…


But when our work has been partially finished – we still required some additional help. So we decided that there’s no better way to get this project funded completely, than asking fellow enthusiasts and like minded young people to back us on the KickStarter platform.

Thus, with the help of the online community and without any further delays, as of now we almost finished the process of creating our first e-bike, called Bicycle NXT 3000.

We try to keep all our fans and backers, who hopefully will be prospective customers, with all the updates on our road from building this e-bike to it’s final release to the market!

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