Veganism as a New Way of Life


I was born in Northern Dakota but currently, I live in San Francisco with my filmmaker husband Jason Statbamm. I’ve always loved to cook. But especially I always loved to bake. So eventually, as many cooks do, I started to learn about the pros and cons of a vegetarian diet. I did so for my own health benefit, for the animals’ sake, and for the good of the environment. After that research I rapidly adapted my baking style and started making all of my pastries without using animal products. At first, when I tasted those, I’ve been surprised beyond measure…

They were just as good as the “traditional” treats made with meat, dairy and eggs! Having been totally won over, I’ve never looked back to using them in my pastry…

During that time I’ve worked as a professional baker in Los Angeles for 5 years before that bakery closed its doors in late 2008. As I worked there, I’ve successfully convinced the bakery owner that vegan baked goods don’t all taste like glue and rubber. Eventually, she agreed to let me start a vegan line of pastries at her shop.  By the time that establishment shut its doors, I knew that vegan baking was the path I needed to follow. So at the beginning of 2009, I started my own vegan baking business, namely the “Veganisticious” Bakeshop. I’ve always enjoyed food, and I mean really enjoyed food, but I was never as good a cook as I was a baker. That was all true before I became vegan. I had been learning how to cook vegan dishes mainly by watching cooking shows and tirelessly browsing through cookbooks. As well as with a lot of good old-fashioned trial and error.

My passion for cooking tasty stuff and my kink to try new ingredients (as well as a limited budget for purchasing) did the thing. So now I’m finally proud to say that I master both my oven and my kitchen stove. The fact that I’ve never had any formal training in cooking and still managed to become a semi-pro should serve as an inspiration for my readers! If I was successful at mastering the cooking and leading a healthier lifestyle, so can you! I’m truly passionate about the food I cook. As well as about proving to people that vegan food can be just as good as the meat menu. Most people think that being vegan is a sacrifice. That it is gaudy or just not worth the bother… As a girl raised on beef steaks and pork loin with a good side garnish, I can tell you that anyone can change for good. I fancied meat and was a very picky eater. So I was by far the kid least likely to end up vegan or even vegetarian. I hated veggies so much that I wouldn’t even eat ketchup and tomatoes when I was 5! Keeping all this in mind, I would be super happy if this vegan recipes blog would be a new loud voice in a growing movement. A movement that now trends among Americans and calls them for a healthier, better lifestyle!