Best Vegan Dishes: Hollywood Celebs Share the Vegan Love

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This e-cookbook is a unique collaboration, in participation with many famous people from Hollywood.
Basically, this is a compilation of dishes most popular with Hollywood celebrities, with many recipes being of their own invention.

The list starts with snack and appetizers and includes many meat-free, vegan main courses.
Also, stars shared their stories of how they became vegans in the first place.These autobiographical stories are added alongside each vegan celebrity recipe. So use these 101 recipes to be in trend. Because being a vegan pays off for your health, making your lifestyle better and your meal routine much more diverse!


This is my favorite cookbook of the year! I’ve been amazed to find out how many celebrities I love are vegetarians! That is such an inspiration for all healthy food lovers out there!Sarah Mayers

Thanks to these diverse recipes, I managed to turn my husband vegan! Now he enjoys a bean and a tomato salad just as much as I do!
Emily Fiorina

Never underestimate the power of the show biz. I almost gave up veganism and started to stuff myself with the meat again. But then my faithful vegan friend advised me these
recipes. Since then I returned back to my normal, meat-free life!
Lizzie Gavin

2 Responses

  1. It’s a mystery for me, why would anyone ever think that you cannot cook a great, nutritious and a tasty meal without the meat or eggs! These recipes just prove all these short-sighted people wrong!

    1. I am in love with the first recipe on this list! These baked eggs in popped beans…tomato just makes the perfect, delicious finishing to it!

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