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Welcome to Our Clinic

The Healtro private medical clinic specializes in a wide variety of health issues, relative to absolutely any age or severity level. Our seasoned team of 45+ surgeons and practical nurses will be glad to come to your aide on a 24/7 basis!


Keeping You Beautiful

Plastic surgery plays a big part in our medical practice. We’ve got 3 surgeons and surgeons dedicated specifically to this field of service.

As long as the plastic surgery will not be harmful to our client’s health, we’re gonna perform it in a timely manner and with an affordable price tag attached to it…Also, we have all that it takes to get you through the rehabilitation after the surgery ends…

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Restoring your health and body

Reconstructive surgery is, in its broadest sense, the application of surgery to restore the form and function of the body.

Oftentimes it’s required if a person suffered severe damage after an accident, trauma or an assault (including sports traumas)… Also we offer face and body reconstruction surgeries, performed by a team of skilled practicing surgeons.

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Saving one life at a time

Our clinic has the highest rate of recoveries among any other state’s surgical clinics, as far as neurosurgery is concerned.

Such an intricate medical processes as brain or spine operations must be performed by seasoned doctors only. We’ve got a top-qualified team on our list, who did hundreds of such operations already. Our advanced equipment only proves our high standards…

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What We Do

We try to minimize all the strain that you may feel while undergoing a surgery. Our skilled surgeons will be able to perform any kind of operation in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner!

Happy Patients

What people say about us. Here are comments from individuals who have visited Healtro.

When I required a knee cap surgery last summer, all the prices were too high for my insurance plan. But here I found a great balance of quality and affordability and eventually I had my surgery here!

D. Hilton knee cap surgery

Days before my rhinoplasty (known as a “nose job”), I was so afraid of the result, reading stories of plastic surgeries gone horribly wrong…But despite my fears, this clinic did their job great.

T. Palmer rhinoplasty surgery

You are amazing. Because of you, dreams come true! You are the best! Thank you for blessing my life and changing it for the better. I am very thankful.

M. Lee facelift surgery

Our Team

Our seasoned and skilled team of surgeons and practical nurses will leave no chance for any disease to survive! Their combined practice proven record shows that more than 90% of all issues are successfully resolved!

Jerry McStanton

Jerry McStanton

Senior surgeon

Jerry walked a long way from his home state of Alaska to becoming one of the country's top surgeons! We're
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Dean Thomas

Dean Thomas

Head of the surgery dept

Dean is the head of our Surgery department. He practices at our clinic since its initial founding days 25 years
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Lewis Parole

Lewis Parole

Senior surgeon

Lewis walked a long way from his home state of Alaska to becoming one of the country's top surgeons! We're
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Request a Consultation

Whichever specific health issue you’re currently facing, we’ll be more than glad to give you a pre-appointment, free consultation on it!

Thousands of Happy Patients

During the last 20 years of our medical practice we were able to provide our timely help to thousands of patients. Starting with providing simple preventative or general care and finishing with performing advanced neurosurgeries, plastic surgeries and reconstructive surgery.

Our seasoned team time and again proved that the only goal in sight is to solve the patient’s issue once and for all!

Latest Medical News

The best tips to avoid knee or hip replacement surgery

Many people postpone a doctor visit to address knee or hip osteoarthritis. That happens because you believe it will end with joint replacement surgery, but that’s not always the case. “Exercise and weight loss are actually the first line of defense”. He also adds that “It may help prevent the pain and

5 least known types of tumors

There are a lot of tumor types that are well known and which are (relatively) easily operated at any surgical clinic. Our board decided to delve deeper into the subject of the lesser known tumors. As it turned out during the surgeons and equipment assessment The quadriceps in the front of the

When a transplanted organ gets rejected

Our doctors’ medical board conducted a broad survey on the known way to deal with transplanted organs rejection. Conventionally, there are few reasons that such things still happen, even despite the high level of the modern. The quadriceps in the front of the thigh and the hamstrings in the back are vital


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