Electrical Supply Services

Whatever your power supply, power generator, wiring or grid problem is – we are sure to fix it before the sun sets!


The quality of our life at home heavily relies on making sure that all of our home appliances and devices get a strong, proper power supply.

This can be compromised by either of the electrical system’s component to go wrong – be it a wiring, outlet, electrical panel or anything else…

Be sure that while we will be examining what the real issue is al about, we will make a plan for fixing it!


While the home electricity system is vital to the way we live, the commercial electricity supply is extremely crucial for the way we work, business offices operate and the clients get serviced.

This means that any problem – like a faulty backup generator, power outage, energy savings, retrofit lighting, security systems electricity supply cut or any other – we are there for you!


When it comes to the buildings, electricity usually functions more intact, with out-of-order situations happening more rarely.

But if we are to delve into how often do electric cars and electrical components in regular cars go off, the issue really starts to get out of hand…

This is extremely important to keep track of, as any issue on the road has much more danger in it than at home!

Emergency Services

With our regular set of electrical maintenance, installation and repair services working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, unfortunately some bad mishaps get out of our reach.

In order to fix that and to provide you with electricity-related assistance for your home, office or a vehicle on a 24/7 basis we’re introducing this Emergency service.

It is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Electrical Systems Installation

If you’ve just finished building a brand new home for your family or just recently bought one, your main concern now should be the installation of all the life systems that a household needs, including the electrical systems.

So whether you’ll need to have bathroom or kitchen lighting installed and finetuned, electrical panel or anything else to be set up, call us for a timely help!

Electrical Systems Maintenance

Both residential and commercial electrical systems such as backup power generators, electrical outlets, and sockets, electrical panels, lighting and security systems – need a regular, ideally an annual custom of maintenance.

Unfortunately, many homeowners and business owners simply ignore this necessity at their own peril and get a malfunction or a power outage…

Solar Panels & Wind Turbines

With the market of household-bound alternate energy systems really booming across our nation these days, we’ve figured that doing the roof-installs for solar panels, as well as their regular technical maintenance and if needed the repairs, will be a service in demand.

Besides offering that we also service other alternate energy sources – such as the home or commercial wind turbines!


As far as we’re personally aware of the matter, every factory plant or a manufacturing site consumes a lot of electricity and power, hence needs its electrical systems to be fully operational and watched after.

This is why we do installs, maintenance and repair for machinery, generators, UPS systems, electrical panels and all other kinds of power-consuming industrial units!

Keeping Your Place Lit at All Times!

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