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Gerald Weiner



As the 7th generation owner of my own vineyard in the Californian valley of Napa, and a head Sommelier and owner of this wine restaurant, I know fine wine from a bad one.

That and our widest in SF selection of all-American wines are the two factors which definitely contributed to our popularity.

– Gerald Weiner

Best wines



We are extremely proud of  having the widest American wine assortment in San Francisco

Rare Red Wine

NV Fess Parker Frontier Red Lot
  • index-13

Rare Rose Wine

Domaine de la Terre Rouge Tête-à-Tête.
  • index-14

Rare White Wine

NV Domaine Ste. Michelle Vuvée Brut
  • index-15

Rare White Wine

Sofia Blanc de Blancs
  • index-16

Sparkling Wine

NV Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Noirs Brut
  • index-17

Rare Rose Wine

Chateau de Sours Bordeaux Rose 2012
  • index-18



Interior, on par with our selection of wines, has always been pivotal to us… While designing our wine restaurant we’ve focused on making it look as authentically Californian, as only possible.

That kind of eclectic mix of Mexican heritage of California with the unique style that the city of San Francisco has is what makes our restaurant interior stand out and shine!

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posted on TripAdvisor

As a California native, I am a huge wine fan! The local wine is my weak spot and I’ve never missed an opportunity to try some new wine… Basically, that is why I visit this restaurant each week. They have an extensive range of local Californian wines, just as well as wines from other states!


posted on Foursquare

While I love the wine, I’ve never managed to find a decent wine restaurant in my area… That was until I found out about this restaurant and began to visit it all the time! The list of red, white and rose American wines they have is just gigantic… I guess I will never be able to try all of the varieties they have…

6087 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22303, USA