Whenever you feel too tired

depressed or anxious about your daily, hectic routine….

Whenever your work/life balance hangs in the air and gets out of hand…
we’ve got an answer for you!

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This summer only…

All of our manicure/pedicure treatments will come cheaper by half, only during
this summertime!
The discount will also apply both for a regular and the SPA manicure & pedicure!

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Deep tissue massage cheaper by 15%!

This discount will be effective in June only, so hurry up…
Also, a slate of our other massage services is up for price cuts all summer long,
with Aroma Massage becoming as cheaper as 25%!

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This summer only…

All of our manicure/pedicure treatments will come cheaper by half!

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Treat yourself to an ultimate Floridian relaxation at a SPA getaway…

Our SPA & skin care salon will be your perfect getaway for any kind of body and mind relaxation and a skin care…

It’s been like that since the day 1, when our SPA salon was founded by Mary Fruition back in 1998.

She did so in a spur of a moment decision, after previously saving enough money working as a SPA salon senior manager in a prestigious North Carolina’s hotel.

Since then we’ve been expanding our SPA salon’s team, our list of skin care and relaxation-inducing services and our name recognition as well.

Just think of such a tempting delight as visiting our salon is. Skipping your daily routine just for a while, like an hour, an afternoon or an entire day of total personal pampering.

We’re a #1 Orlando SPA for a number of reasons:

Variety of Care

Our salon is unique among other Orlando SPAs, all thanks to an insurmountable variety of skin care and relaxation choices that we have…

Qualified Staff

All of the salon’s staff members are perfectly qualified to get you relaxed & cared for… That’s all due to their immense talent and skills their hands have…


First and foremost, we’re a relaxation getaway… With the help of our nurturing and skin health enhancing services you’ll be feeling yourself just like in heaven!

Reasonable costs

As opposed to other Orlando or Florida SPAs, we do not target people’s wallets eagerly… Our prices affordability goes intact with our services quality!

Anyone who visits our SPA even once has
something nice to say…

Man rarely acknowledge how much they love to get a massage… But I want to say, that without my afterwork Friday massage sessions here, my productivity would’ve been so much lower…

Rhode Gentlebear

See our skin care tips, posted daily in our SPA salon’s Blog:

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