While we’ve initially started our fast food chain as a burger venue, sine those times we’ve expanded our menu range.


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Being a burger place first and foremost, we are proud of our diverse lineup! Our juicy, meaty and spicy set of traditional American beef, chicken & fish burgers is what we do the best!

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Tasting their burgers is one of my favorite experiences during the working week, each time I have a lunch!


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Whenever I’m passing by the street where their burger restaurant is I can’t help myself but order a lunch!


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Their selection of tasty burgers and healthy salads makes it a perfect combination for any visitor!

Colonel Jonathan South

Burger Palace Owner

As a former US army Colonel, I can give you a word, that whatever you see on the menu will be exactly the same stuff that you will be served with at our place! For me personally, the unyielding quality of all the ingredients that we use in our dishes is vital! Come on in for a burger!

Chef Recommends

Mexican Burger
Mexican Burger
A spicy King of the prairies, this Burger features lots of salty pickles and lots of spicy chili peppers!
  • 400g
Texan Burger
Texan Burger
Proud son of Texas, this Burger is our biggest! Its bacon ham and pork cutlets hold a daily dosage of nutrition!
  • 545g
Floridian Burger
Floridian Burger
Enjoy a sunny burger, with some yellow tomatoes added, and 3 kinds of cheese, including cheddar!
  • 450g
New Yorker Burger
New Yorker Burger
While it is a traditionally NYC-esque burger, it is similar to our Texan burger, with the exception of mustard in it!
  • 475g


In our restaurant interior, we tend to stay just as traditionally Amercian as with everything else we do!

6087 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22303, USA