Meet the Team

Helping you learn…

Our team of highly professional painting Instructors will do whatever it takes to teach you to paint… Putting your blind trust in them and enjoying the fun process of painting has never is the best way to do it! With their help, hundreds of students were able to excel at becoming quite good at their painting routine.

Painting for beginners and painting for more advanced artists do not involve totally different processes. Only the familiarity with basic painting instruction and the ease of executing those technical steps is what separates a beginner painter into an advanced one.

Learning how to paint—right here and right now—starts with our instructors explaining you the steps that will allow you to grow in confidence and skill as an artist.

Steven Ayokee

Owner/Head instructor

Garold Winterman is a talented artist and illustrator based in New York City. He brings his encouraging teaching style, his soothing spirit and his passion for…

Stacy Wannabe


Stacy Wannabe is passionate about bringing people together through art. She is a talented artist hailing from Long Beach. Stacy has always had a passion for self…

Mary Benson


Mary Benson is an artist originating from Long Island, NY. She earned her BFA in Studio Art from the College of Saint Rose, along with a minor in Art History.

Janine Walters


Janine is a talented artist who is predominantly trained as a painter. In her artwork, Janine is interested in using methods of humor through imagery.