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4 Common Types of Electrical Troubleshooting

Sure, everybody realizes it somewhere deep in their mind, that all our modern lifestyle depends heavily on the electricity and the infrastructure built around it both inside and outside of our homes. But when it comes to actually doing preventive maintenance, no one is committed. This causes such issues as flickering light, electrical code noncompliance,…

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What Types of Outdoor & Security Lighting Should You Consider This Summer?

Now is that very season of the year, when spending a nice summer evening lying on your porch looking up at the stars fits perfectly. But when you do that, do you think of what you need to consider upgrades in outdoor and security lighting? We doubt it. And we think you really should, in…

Whole Home Surge Protectors: Get Them Now to Fight Power Surges!

Do you know how to tell that the power surge is actually on a level that is damaging to your home? Do you even know that much about the power surges by and large? Sure, we’re all aware of the Hollywood way to show us the power surge after a lightning strike or blow transistor,…