Turning Cars Into Supercars!

…the sweetest overhauls in the city!

Trust us, we’ve seen all kinds of cars in absolutely all kinds of conditions brought to us for an overhaul. This means that whatever you want us to do with your vehicle – be it an interior or exterior styling, paint job or adding some performance enhancing tweaks – this is what we’ll do even blindfolded!

Exterior Styling

The car’s body re-styling is meant not only for giving your vehicle a unique visual appeal that stands out from the crowd but it also gives your vehicle a better aerodynamic flow, decreasing drag by creating more down-force increasing your cars overall performance and proficiency. That effectively means that the exterior restyling will improve both your car’s visual looks and its overall aerodynamic characteristics and performance.

Performance Enhancements

Engine, suspension, exhaust, brakes… you just name it – and we will enhance this vehicle’s part performance by a few times! We specialize in turning any kind of a regular car into an almost sport-grade like a roadster, with our workshop being known for applying effective heavy modifications to any make or model’s “insides”!

Repair Services

There are very few things worse than getting into an accident and damaging either the car’s body or the car’s parts… That is why we’re always on a standby here, waiting for your call to immediately start the rescue operation for your vehicle! Our pro mechanics and our vast stock of replacement parts guarantee that your car will be as good as new!

Interior Styling

Whether we’re talking about changing the seats inside your car, replacing the upholstery or changing the whole look and functionality inside your vehicle, we know how to do that. Our experts will help you pick the ultimate coloring scheme, materials such as leather and other nuances for your new interior…

Wheels & Rims

Enhancing and empowering your car’s wheels and underbody is crucial. That will allow you to enjoy driving so much more! Our workshop offers Custom Rims, Alloy Wheels, Chrome Wheels, Black Rims, Spinners, Off Road Wheels and many other types of wheels, rims and tires…

Painting Job & Wraps

Our custom car paint services consist of primer, basecoat of color and/or effects and clearcoat. Our paint jobs can range from simply using 1 main color, all the way to airbrushed effects with different paint finishes. Our paint department works very hard to stay up-to-date with the newest products available.

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