Pet Groming Services

making your pet happy and healthy!


We’re sure that while you do everything it takes for your cat’s or dog’s health care and maintenance, still, sometimes you wished there was a crew of people who’ve made it their profession to care for and groom your four-legged friend, right?

Well, the good news is there is such a crew!

We will be super happy to take your dog or a cat for a wash in the tub, groom their hair, cut their nails, brush their teeth and even give them an awesome, SPA-like massage session!


Competition Grooming

If you’re currently preparing your four-legged friend for a dog or cat competition, then there’s some grooming that needs to be done. We will gladly take care of that!

Regularly Scheduled Grooming

Actually, scheduling a regular maintenance and grooming car, regardless of whether your pet is a cat or a dog is essential. We’re working 7 days a week!

Bath, Brush, and Nails Service

While bathing and brushing are possible to do at home, booking our place for that will leave you with much less hassle and headache, while we will provide a full-blown SPA for your pet!

Face, Feet, and Tail Service

Fighting with issues like the nailcare, eye drainage problem and brushing the tail hair is a part of our grooming routine. Our specialists will do it both quickly and with great care for your pet’s comfort!

Dental Care

While there are some well-known tricks for making your cat or a dog brush their teeth, still a regular oral health checkup is essential, when it comes to household pets.

Specialty Care

The services included range from flea dip and deep coat conditioning to…relaxing massage for your cat or a dog! Fulminating and even cosmetic facials come as optional services!

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