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Universal Range
With our trucks ranging from regular heavy-duty ones to specialized, with special conditions for special freight, we can deliver it all!
Seasoned Truckers
Each single member of our trucking company's team is a seasoned trucker, with tens of thousands of miles traveled while delivering your
We do recognize how important the delivery schedule is, so we never lose time idly and 99% of the time we arrive AHEAD of the schedule!
Affordable Pricing
We aim to make our service as reasonably priced, as possible, allowing multiple SMBs to use our trucking for good!


Who We Are

The FastWay company was created a couple of decades ago, founded by two best  friends and the transportation industry professionals Brent and Phil. The two grew up in the state of Michigan and each began a career in transportation that culminated with the founding of Aurora Express. Between them two, Brent and Phil have over 50 years of practical work experience in the trucking industry, being aware of the tiniest smallest nuances, finishing with a deep practical understanding of handling large-scale logistics operations.

Transporting my goods from Idaho to Colorado is one of the most critical parts of my business operations. That means that throughout that ride I need a reliable transportation partner to rely upon, in all seasons of weather… Aurora Express is just like that! Herman Hart

Having your manufacturing business located in Oregon and your main base of clientele located in the Last Frontier State of Alaska can get tricky… Namely, whenever I need to have the stuff that I produce from Oregon to Alaska, some serious car-muscles are required. Curtis Watkins

Thanks to these guys I have all my goods transportation needs under control, successfully trading them many states away from where they were produced. Also, the timing and the pricing that this company has both are in the short, satisfying number zone! Oscar Hernandez

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