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Deep tissue massage

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All of our manicure treatments will come cheaper by half. Only during this summertime!

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If you’re looking for that perfect relaxation getaway… or want to take care of your skin’s health and looks, then we’re the place to go… We provide an ultimate, universal set of SPA & skin care procedures for both women and men!

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We’ve got a whole range of skincare and beauty related services for our lady and gentlemen customers!

Besides providing regular face & body skin care and a range of other SPA services, we have a separate medical SPA range as well… All of the services below are provided by licensed aestheticians and

Treating your body with care and love is an essential way to stay looking young, to keep your skin radiantly fresh and healthy… Our specialists have proved time and again, that they’re capable of providing

Massages have always been a vital part of any essential SPA range of services… Besides providing a great stress relief and a profound level of relaxation for anyone, massages are also proven to be good


While hands and nails care is usually restricted to just a few services, we’ve got a wide selection of various pedicure methods, just as well as the overall hands skin care treatments… Here’s a list of those: Regular Manicure; Spa Manicure; Paraffin + Hot Towel Wraps; Gel Pedicure…

Meet Our Beaty Specialists

Always on the SPA industry’s cutting edge, our SPA & skin care salon offers each of our charming visitors a unique and extensive relaxation and skin care experience. We delivered the highest level of technical expertise and an impeccably high level of guest servicing…

Mary Fruition

Mary Fruition


Before setting up her own salon, Mary's been working at a prestigious SPA venue in North Carolina...
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Stacy Blunt

Stacy Blunt


The reason why Stacy is so natural with everything regarding skin's health and skin care treatments may
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Emily Nichols

Emily Nichols


Emily's career as a SPA care specialist has spanned to include work at numerous prestigious salons across
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Thousands of Happy Patients

We are so proud of the salon that we’ve built over those few years!

See this video review to get a better sense of just how diverse our range of skincare, beauty and cosmetology services really is!

Happy Visitors

Every once in a while, we girls just have to take a break from our routine daily hectic errands and job and just step aside for some relaxation… Whenever I do it, this is the place where all the relaxation starts at for me…

Lizzie Major client

Whenever I feel depressed, anxious or just tired, I always need to take some chill pill and relax… Luckily, I always have had this place for those matters… Here I can both delve into a meditative rest and also take care of my skin’s health…

Theresa Palmer client

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It is important to stay positive because beauty
comes from the inside out.

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