With its diverse list of members, professional equipment and lots of tidy courts the ProShot club is your perfect sports & recreation getaway!

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At the award-winning ProShot Tennis Club, lawn tennis is more than just a cold-calculated business – it is  passion!

Renown as one of the country’s most outstanding facilities by the United States Tennis Association, this award-winning complex offers a “home away from home” country club setting for resort visitors and Maui residents alike.

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Discreetly located in the charming neighborhood of Madison Park, the picturesque scenery that our Tennis Club.

Sports is nestled on the shores of Lake Washington, boasting panoramic views of the Cascade Mountain Range and Mt Rainier. Our unique venue has a style and grace that reflects the tranquil beauty of the Northwest. Since 1890, elegant and unforgettable occasions have been hosted here in the timeless tradition of cultivated taste, offering unrivaled service and exceptional cuisine.

We understand that it’s always vital to hone your skills as you go.

Because of that, we offer private, semi-private and group lessons for adults of all skill levels. We welcome both the beginners who want to learn basics, just as well as more advanced tennis players who need to work on their playing technique or to refine their skills. Whichever the case, our talented instructors will surely make your backhand hit much, much better!

Discreetly located in the charming neighborhood of Madison Park, the picturesque scenery that our Tennis Club.

Our tennis classes for kids provide young players with the opportunity to improve their tennis game, work hard, make new friends and have a lot of fun. Our Classes for Kids are directed by America’s most respected college coaches and tennis professionals. They have a passion for teaching and a gift for helping you take your game to the next level.

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