Growing All Kinds of Medical Herbs Makes for an Interesting, Socially Beneficial Hobby!
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Herbal Courses

Even if you’re just an amateur in this craft, we will teach you every single thing you need to know!
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Year long we host a variety of related events…
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How It All Started…

The state of global healthcare and medicine has a real set of problems of its own. That’s when the love millions of people have for growing & consuming herbs of all types and medicinal properties comes in handy.

Having been known for over three decades as the most prominent club for people with love for herbs, we will be super happy to provide you all with some tips & training in this craft.

The team of experienced pros we have at hand only adds to the quality of our club as a whole.

Are You Looking to Turn

Your Herbal Hobby Into a Day Job?

Either of Our Courses Will Help You Do Just That!

Herbal Medicine Courses


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At-risk Medicinal Herbs

As a general rule for growing medical herbs, you definitely know that they are all safe to consume, depending on the quantity, right? But is it still the case when we talk about all these different flowers you grow in the back of your…

Herbs of Asia

While we here in the United States have a pretty wide range of medicinal herbs native to the land, there surely is an even bigger variety of highly useful herbs that we can import from another continent, such as Asia.

Learn More About African Herbs

Considering just how diverse African continent is and how many climatic zones cover it, there is no doubt that everywhere but in the desert of Sahara there can be thousands of incredible medical herbs found.