Age Discriminations

Have you been terminated and replaced by a significantly younger person?  Has an employer refused to hire you despite your good qualifications only to repeatedly hire younger applicants who are less qualified? Jon Doe is an experienced Boston age discrimination attorney who is Board Certified in Employment law.  Our firm handles many age discrimination cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning there are no fees or costs unless you win.

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The Age Discrimination in Employment Act, or “ADEA” is a federal law that makes it an unlawful for an employer to discharge or otherwise discriminate against an employee because of the employee’s age. The ADEA protects individuals age 40 and over. The Massachusetts Civil Rights Act also prohibits age discrimination.

Examples of possible Age discrimination are:

  • Terminating an individual’s employment and hiring or promoting a younger, less qualified employee to the same position.
  • Refusing to hire or promote an older applicant in favor of a younger applicant.
  • Being told that that the company is trying to get “younger” or “needs more energy”.
  • Negative comments from supervisors specifically mentioning an individual’s age.

How Can an Attorney Resolve Your Age Discrimination Issue?

Attorney Jon Doe has handles age discrimination lawsuits throughout Massachusetts, with a focus on Southwest Massachusetts including Boston.

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