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Children’s sleepwear usually comes in sets and is usually patterned. Boys’ pajamas are oftentimes covered in graphic images or logos, depicting things like fire trucks, footballs, or spaceships. Pajamas with shorts and short-sleeved tops are great for warm weather, while those with pants and long sleeves are better for colder months. Keep in mind that flannel pajamas can be very warm, and if a boy gets too hot in the middle of the night, it is easier to remove a blanket than it is to remove pajamas. Young boys may have accidents in the middle of the night, so parents should make sure to have several pairs of pajamas on hand. Families with younger children who want to reuse pajamas might want to look for gender-neutral pajamas.


For boys who spend time at the pool or the beach, having a couple pairs of swim trunks is essential. Most swim trunks have an elastic waist or a drawstring, so parents can buy trunks a little bigger to last more than one summer. If a boy is particularly picky or will be wearing the swim trunks when he is away from his parents, such as at summer camp, parents may want to get their child’s opinion on the style of the trunks before they buy them. Having two pairs will allow boys to wear one while the other pair is drying. For boys who swim competitively, such as on a swim team, parents will need to buy a Speedo or some other type of fitted bathing suit.


While most boys will need a rain jacket, only those living in or traveling to cold climates will need a heavier winter coat. For boys who will wear rain jackets year-round, parents may consider buying a jacket that is just 1 size bigger than as of that time… Most rain jackets have adjustable cuffs, but the sleeve length may be an issue if parents purchase a boys’ rain jacket that is too big for their child. Boys’ winter coats can be trickier in terms of sizing, and unfortunately, they also tend to be more expensive. Buy this item when you know it will fit for at least one entire winter, and consider purchasing a winter coat from a consignment store or an auction site to get a good price.

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  2. If a boy is particularly picky or will be wearing the swim trunks when he is away from his parents.

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