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Carpentry Services

See All of Our Carpentry Services.Whether you want us to build you a wooden house or alter your wooden fireplace mantel – we’re up to it!

Wooden Furniture

Just every couple decades the trend for sweet, craft-made wooden home furniture is back again. It is the case these days, and we make it our mission to take any order you…

Decks & Porches

Even 50 years ago your options for the front doors design were quite limited. This means that if now you will be looking for a sweet wooden style for your home’s main…

Home Renovations

Any scale of a home remodeling or renovation gives you a chance to enhance your living space by incorporating some awesome wooden elements and furniture into it.

Stairs & Rails

While staircases & stair rails may be one of the most familiar staples at American homes, alluding you to the thought, that there can be nothing added to it, this…

Windows & Shutters

Whether located on the front, back or the siding of your house, the windows, if crafted right, especially using some fine wood, can easily become awesome…

Doors and Doorsteps

No one can argue the fact, that when you speak of your house, the front porch is definitely the face of it, so to say. This is why creating a unique, custom-made…

We’re the Best, Here’s Why:

Founded in the middle of the last century by a former US marine, this company has lived through good times and bad times…

Also, we can add that we understand the construction and renovation business because we’re from the local area, and we’ll chip in that expertise and experience to any project that you might hire us for!

Recent News

Furniture Restoration
Furniture Restoration

Many of older homes, especially when it comes to New England, are full of stockpiled old (and sometimes antique) home furniture pieces that we do not care about any longer… Antique furniture typically exhibits a rich texture of French polished surfaces over…

New Front Door Styles for 2016
New Front Door Styles for 2016

When it comes to any house piece made out of wood (except for the house itself), the door is the first (and main) thing your guests or friends notice about it. Wooden doors have always sported the best visual appeal out of all other materials options, also featuring..

Best Stair Railing Design Tips
Best Stair Railing Design Tips

As a real majority of US homes has more than 1 floor (which typically counts down to 2 on average, bar the attics), the stairs inside are an everyday practical and aesthetic reality for a big majority of Americans. So, why not make an exceptional design…

5 Ways to Make Your Front Door Fabulous
5 Ways to Make Your Front Door Fabulous

So you have a cool vintage wooden door and wanna make it look like an impressive entry? Bear with us a little longer and you’ll know how! Surely, the doors and windows are front and center (and sometimes sideways) for any home and the first thing…

Wooden Blinds to Decorate Your House
Wooden Blinds to Decorate Your House

Previously we’ve been talking a lot about how important the doors are when your home’s visual look is concerned. Now we’re gonna rumble a bit about everything windows, so bear with us, please. When you are looking for options to bring added layers of design…

Improve the Home Appeal with Shutters
Improve the Home Appeal with Shutters

With windows being literally what is a visual barrier between you and the outside world, the importance of its design cannot be underestimated. Then the conventional wisdom of having those house’s “eyes” without eyebrows, eyelashes and makeup can…