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Discount Club

While thousands of new customers visit our bakery both offline and online,
we’ve also got thousands of returning clients.

So we’ve created a Discount Club, designed specifically for making life easier to those people, who cannot live a day without our baked goodies!


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Baking great cakes, salty pastry, chocolate-chipped cookies or mouth-watering muffins is what we do every day…

Castom-Made Cakes

Treat yourself with a sweet, freshly baked goodie!

Owned by a famous Vermont baker, Denise Levine, our place is proud to be one of San Diego, California’s finest cake and pastry bakeries. Our cake bakery adds only the freshest ingredients to make you get a fresh-out-of-oven like experience. An experience, that simply melts in your mouth.

As opposed to our main competitors, we never use any kind of artificial ingredients in all of the sweet goodies that we produce…


Our bakers simply do not know how one can compromise a quality for any reason.

Everyone knows, that treating yourself with tasty

out-of-oven fresh and yummy baked goods once in a while will never hurt…. So order one of our cakes, muffins, salty pastry or a crispy baguette right now!

Order baked goods

Just look through our bakery’s virtual showcase, to see all the menu items we have:

These 3 things make our San Diego Bakery
truly stand out as the best one:

Trademark Taste

All of our baked goodies have that special, trademark flavor inside, that is enhanced by a just-out-of-oven crispiness!

Any Goodies

We think that bakery is the best place for anything: from bread and salty pastries to custom-made cakes and fruit bouquets...

Quick Delivery

Depending on the size of your online order, most usually we'll be at your location within 60 minutes or even less!

People who try our baked goodies
are always happy:

I’ve always had a little bit of a sweet tooth, well since mom cooked me pies and cakes during my high school years… Thankfully, now I’ve got this bakery to cover all my sweet and salty baked goodies needs covered!

— Elisa Potocky

When I moved to SD from LA, I’ve been a bit desperate to find a bakery as good as the one I’ve left back in Los Angeles. Thankfully, my good friend Helen gave me direction to these guys and now I enjoy their delicious goodies!

— Martin Grey

Enjoy our tasty array of bakery products!

We specialize in baking up the sweetest treats, wedding cakes and custom cakes for any occasion. Choose your favorite one!

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