We are instrumental in designing and molding the best solutions in the plastic industry…

Plastic Injection Molding

Injection molding is the most typically used manufacturing process for creating any plastic parts, containers etc…
A big range of household, medical and industrial-grade products and equipment is fabricated employing the injection molding process. All of these end-products differ in their size a lot, also varying in their fabrication complexity, and the way they’re used afterward. This complex manufacturing process involves the use of an injection molding machine, material that is raw and the mold. Each time when we need to manufacture something, we melt the raw material inside of the injection molding machine and then inject the melted plastic into the mold. There this liquid plastic cools off and solidifies into the final part.

Plastic Packaging Design

The plastic product design process begins with actually having 3 most basic things converging together in a creative/manufacturing collaboration.
This is having a brand or a product that needs a new (or a redesigned) plastic packaging, good and detailed understanding of design intent and functional objectives to be met and a stringently highlighted list of defined visual requirements for the design…
These requirements of how exactly the end-product should look like are key to getting the design right from the start!

Plastic Packaging Manufacturing

The Manufacto company is an industry leader, having been recognized numerous times both by clients and award committees for the outstanding quality of the end-product that we fabricate…
We use our 55 years long history of hands-on experience and expertise for providing all of our clients with the best-in-category plastic product design, plastic packaging manufacturing, rapid prototyping, medical plastic packaging manufacturing and standard plastic packaging requirements.
While some of our clients may already have a modeled design for their packaging, if this is not the case we will be eager to offer them our plastic packaging design services as well…

Plastic 3D Printing

When it comes to innovations in the plastic industry, especially to the materials used and the equipment employed, the Manufacto company is unrivaled.
When offering our 3D printing service, we prefer to use transparent plastic as a raw material
Transparent plastic is one of the most universal 3D printing materials used these days. Printing with this material combines getting a transparent, yet very smooth surface finish.
Transparent plastic is perfect for any kind of industrial testing and prototyping of see-through parts, fine-detail model building, empowering you to test clear and tinted products from eyewear and lighting covers to medical devices.

Mold Making

Regardless of whether you are just a hobbyist who wants to make sculpture and needs quality mold made for your own use or if you are an automotive parts manufacturing plant, we will be able to meet your requirements either way.
The Manufacto’s team provides a premium-grade quality for mold molding services, all the while keeping the cost down at very reasonable level.
We’re fluent at fabricating such related products as rubber cases, custom plastic molds, and even offering you the molding equipment!
Also we do mold making for porcelain miniature dolls and accessories.

Houseware Products

People never think about it too much, but in fact, the plastic is used for manufacturing thousands of household items, including the houseware products…
We have hundreds of pre-made templates and molds of daily used plastic products for you to choose from, such as bar accessories, ice buckets, cooler boxes, water bottles, lunch boxes, cosmetic boxes, bathroom series, and more. Also, we have the experience in promoting and distributing all this variety of plastic houseware products, especially concerning bar items. You may go to the individual category to view our products. So whatever it is that you need us to mold for you, be sure that it will be done fan-plastically!

Do you need to have a plastic packaging designed or produced? Or perhaps you need pre-made molding templates?

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