Within all of the variety we have here, you'll be able to find both silver, golden and platinum earrings, with or without a stone, pierced and non-pierced... Be it a handmade wedding ring that you're after, or just a cute silver ring to make your day, be sure that we'll either have it here or will create for you! Actually, a ring can be so much more than just an accessory that you wear for adornment, making a fashionable look of yourself or anything similar. In fact, with the different kinds of rings meant for different recipients (like friendship rings; engagement rings), they are also all unique in the way of what they're made of. This is especially true if we talk about handmade rings. With different types of gold or silver used, a range of gemstones enhancing it and a whole lot of ornaments and different looks for each ring, this accessory can indeed be just as unique as yourself... Also, considering we make bespoke jewelry, you can actually have us to sketch all the details of this uniqueness for you!