The importance of vacuuming the pool

Some people who are not used to doing the pool maintenance may find it surprising, that some of the maintenance work for cleaning the pool up involves using a vacuum cleaner. Just so you know, a pool should be vacuumed every week to keep water clear and decrease the content of chemicals that you simply don’t need there. There are many types of pool vacuums. If you have a custom design, work it back and forth all over the surface of the pool like you’d be doing if…


Cleaning the Pool Filter

Just as the pure logic would suggest it, a filter is one of the most “hardworking” parts of absolutely any given pool of any given size. Given this factor, a pool maintenance is never truly complete, until you do everything it takes to clean the pool’s filter. Just so you know, there are 3 major types of pool filters: cartridge, sand, and diatomaceous earth. While there are varying maintenance procedures for each type, all require systematic cleaning depending on the type of filter…